Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Moving forward with new products and ideas built on 40 years of quality service and expertise!

Schut’s Brick & Stone
By Katheryn Stewart-Bruni
Schut’s Brick, Stone & Landscape celebrates 40 years in business. The original company started with the Schut family in 1972 and today, owners Ken Seal and Scott Wilson move forward with the same values of reliability, the best in new products and service from experienced staff. Their goal is to take this well-established company and evolve it to benefit their customers.
“We have been serving the building community for the last 40 years and continue to,” said Ken. “Schut’s is built on our knowledgeable staff, some of whom have over 30 years in the business. We have the expertise to offer a better supply and line of building products, whether you are a large-scale home builder, independent trade contractor or home owner, we can assist you with your entire building or landscape projects.”
The building community has come to Schut’s for years for their brick and stone needs. Full time sales representatives visit on-site, measure, order and supply builders with the finest masonry products. As Schut’s moves forward into landscaping the same commitment to quality applies.
“We are a member of the Brantford Home Builders’ Association; local builders and landscapers know Schut’s reputation as leaders in what we do,” said Scott. “We have the knowledge, ability and commitment to service our customers better than anyone else.”
Schut’s makes it their mission to know and cater to their customers. They offer a personalized experience with a landscape display out front and in the showroom at 423 Mount Pleasant Rd., where people can envision their ideas.
“It is an added service for our contractors,” explained Ken. “They can send their customer here and we will assist them in the selling process. Rather than taking people a brochure to look at a little picture they can say, “Go to Schut’s, they have it on display.’”
This customized support, whether it’s bricks, interior or exterior stone allows Schut’s to show customers how the finished product will look once completed.
“We have good, long term partnerships with the building community,” said Scott. “The name is the same and Schut’s was built on 40 years of great service. We now have a young, progressive team that is moving forward with the same values. We are a local company that is taking what is good and making it better.”
Schut’s remains a local company with local owners. Ken and Scott were both born and raised in Brantford and live in the area. They value the support of the community as they move forward for the next 40 years.
“We live in Brantford and support local business,” said Ken. “We appreciate our customers and are always here to help them with their projects. Anyone can come to Schut’s and have their questions answered by knowledgeable, friendly staff who take pride in their service.”
Whether you are a contractor or homeowner designing your dream home, renovation or creating the ultimate outdoor living space Schut's experienced staff will answer all your questions with expert advice and offer support for your entire project from concept to completion.
To learn more stop in at Schut’s Brick Stone & Landscape located at 423 Mount Pleasant Road, Brantford or visit their website .
"When Details Matter....Trust the Local Experts!"