Saturday, August 10, 2013

Creating Perfect Outdoor Living Spaces for over 40 Years!

By Katheryn Stewart-Bruni

Your home is your oasis. Schut’s Brick, Stone & Landscape’s successful partnership with Unilock is designed to connect your distinctive sense of style with their innovative products.   
Since 1972 Schut’s has specialized in brick, stone and landscape products. Together with Unilock, celebrating its 40th anniversary, they have become synonymous with quality, customer service and have an industry leading Transferrable Lifetime Guarantee on Unilock products.


Many local design professionals and landscape contractors will help you create a custom outdoor living space to enhance the architectural style of your home.  Unilock’s versatile palette of colours, textures and European-inspired styles or sleek modern lines are the preferred choice for design professionals and homeowners alike.   
One of the fastest growing trends in the industry is bringing to life your very own “Stay-cation” destination. Create your own custom outdoor living space with a Unilock patio or pool deck and enjoy memorable moments with family and friends.

Driveway and Entrance

Choose from the Select line of exclusive Unilock products for driveways, borders and accents to add curb appeal. The experts at Schut’s will ensure your driveway design complements the entrance and front of your home. Unilock Select products consistently outperform other surfacing solutions and will add years of beauty, enjoyment and value to your home and outdoor surroundings. Landscaping the entrance of your home is one of the hottest design trends with a front courtyard or design a walkway incorporating borders, pillars and seat walls will add plenty of curb appeal to your existing frontage.

Pool Deck

Make a splash with a Unilock pool deck! Ensure your plan takes into consideration design features such as elevation, size and drainage. Lighting and water features can add interest, accent your pool deck and provide additional safety.  
 Whether your home is an intimate city dwelling, a comfortable suburban residence, a country retreat or a sprawling estate, Schut’s and Unilock have the right products and design options that connect with your lifestyle, while fitting your needs and budget. 
Schut’s newly updated 2000 square foot paver and wall display out front offers a personalized viewing experience. In the showroom people can plan and envision their dreams and ideas. Create your own custom outdoor living space with a Unilock patio, pool deck or outdoor grilling area and enjoy memorable moments at home with family and friends.   

To learn more and see our recently updated displays of new pavers and wall options for 2013 stop in at: 423 Mt Pleasant Road, Brantford, ON.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Start Planning Your Projects Early...Patio Season is Coming Soon!

Home improvement season is set to kick into high gear as homeowners are faced with the monumental task of deciding which landscaping products, designs and solutions will best suit their needs.

If improving an existing or planning a new outdoor living space concrete paving and wall products can meet the demands of your job large or small. For patios, walkways, drives and more, pavers will give your project either a classic, crisp look or the warmth and character of time-aged cobble.
Today,  the use of interlocking pavers have demonstrated exponential growth because they are a superior surfacing system for our climate which are very affordable and easy to maintain demonstrating superior lifelong value to today’s homeowner looking to expand their outdoor living space to spend time with family and friends.
Tumbled products can provide endless design possibilities. Their naturally hewed appearance of being gently weathered is at home in a landscape that is natural and rustic to one that evokes feelings of classic old-world charm. Many new products offer bold colour choices using EnduraColour Plus and varying sizes provide endless design and surfacing possibilities.

The weathered stone look of tumbled wall incorporating natural stone accents or coping provides a “vintage” appearance at home in many settings. It is the perfect compliment to a tumbled paver and a unique solution for garden walls, pillars, seat walls and garden edging. Also, ask your local dealer about many wall and paver products that now carry a lifetime transferable warranty!
The fact that pavers are strong and flexible making them resistant to cracking and come many popular profiles and colours help many designers, contractors and homeowners alike to create beautiful landscape designs for patios, driveways or walkways. Many homeowners have extended their indoor living space to the outdoors by adding backyard kitchens, fireplaces and gathering areas to compliment existing patios and pools. Your backyard oasis eliminates the two hour drive to the cottage or the additional maintenance responsibilities that a recreational property may require. All the while adding value to your property with limited maintenance and complimenting the architectural style of your home to enjoy every day!
For over 40 years, the experts at Schut’s Brick, Stone & Landscape have helped advise you when starting your project to ensure the correct surfacing or wall solution for your surroundings as well as providing referrals to preferred landscape contractors in your area. For more information about any of the products discussed above check out or to view for yourself locally visit over 2000 square feet of indoor and outdoor displays at Schut’s located at 423 Mount Pleasant Road, Brantford, Ontario. To reach them by phone call 519-752-1512 or visit their website at

Monday, September 17, 2012

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Moving forward with new products and ideas built on 40 years of quality service and expertise!

Schut’s Brick & Stone
By Katheryn Stewart-Bruni
Schut’s Brick, Stone & Landscape celebrates 40 years in business. The original company started with the Schut family in 1972 and today, owners Ken Seal and Scott Wilson move forward with the same values of reliability, the best in new products and service from experienced staff. Their goal is to take this well-established company and evolve it to benefit their customers.
“We have been serving the building community for the last 40 years and continue to,” said Ken. “Schut’s is built on our knowledgeable staff, some of whom have over 30 years in the business. We have the expertise to offer a better supply and line of building products, whether you are a large-scale home builder, independent trade contractor or home owner, we can assist you with your entire building or landscape projects.”
The building community has come to Schut’s for years for their brick and stone needs. Full time sales representatives visit on-site, measure, order and supply builders with the finest masonry products. As Schut’s moves forward into landscaping the same commitment to quality applies.
“We are a member of the Brantford Home Builders’ Association; local builders and landscapers know Schut’s reputation as leaders in what we do,” said Scott. “We have the knowledge, ability and commitment to service our customers better than anyone else.”
Schut’s makes it their mission to know and cater to their customers. They offer a personalized experience with a landscape display out front and in the showroom at 423 Mount Pleasant Rd., where people can envision their ideas.
“It is an added service for our contractors,” explained Ken. “They can send their customer here and we will assist them in the selling process. Rather than taking people a brochure to look at a little picture they can say, “Go to Schut’s, they have it on display.’”
This customized support, whether it’s bricks, interior or exterior stone allows Schut’s to show customers how the finished product will look once completed.
“We have good, long term partnerships with the building community,” said Scott. “The name is the same and Schut’s was built on 40 years of great service. We now have a young, progressive team that is moving forward with the same values. We are a local company that is taking what is good and making it better.”
Schut’s remains a local company with local owners. Ken and Scott were both born and raised in Brantford and live in the area. They value the support of the community as they move forward for the next 40 years.
“We live in Brantford and support local business,” said Ken. “We appreciate our customers and are always here to help them with their projects. Anyone can come to Schut’s and have their questions answered by knowledgeable, friendly staff who take pride in their service.”
Whether you are a contractor or homeowner designing your dream home, renovation or creating the ultimate outdoor living space Schut's experienced staff will answer all your questions with expert advice and offer support for your entire project from concept to completion.
To learn more stop in at Schut’s Brick Stone & Landscape located at 423 Mount Pleasant Road, Brantford or visit their website .

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Celebrating 40 Years Serving You! Thank You!

Please mark Sat. June 2, 2012 on your calendar and plan to join us for our
40th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Breakfast/BBQ & Open House
Bring the kids!
8:00 am to 1:00 pm
423 Mt Pleasant Rd, Brantford, Ontario
Phone: 519-752-1512

Monday, April 16, 2012

Why Pavers? Functional Beauty and Practical Elegance. And Green too!

Interlocking concrete pavements are generally composed of a surface consisting of precast modular concrete units of varying shapes, colors and textures. These are placed over a graded sand and gravel base and interlocked with bedding and joint sand, which can be constructed over a variety of sub-bases. Because they work as a flexible pavement, they can flex with minor movements in the base without cracking, making them an ideal pavement for North America's climate. These attributes give them several distinct advantages over other possible surfacing solutions.

The unique aspect of concrete pavers is that they interlock to help spread any load points. There are three ways pavers interlock: Vertical, Horizontal, and Rotational. (Figure 1) Vertical interlock is achieved by the shear transfer of loads
to surrounding units through the sand in the joints. Horizontal is maintained by the pavers being of sufficient thickness, placed closely together, and restrained by a curb from lateral forces. Rotational interlock is achieved through the use of laying patterns that disperse forces from braking, turning and accelerating vehicles

Concrete paving stones offer a great variety of the following advantages over other types of surfacing products:

Durability - The combination of high density, high compressive strength and low absorption rate makes concrete paving stones highly resistant to salt scaling, a common problem with some types of concrete. This also makes paving stones excellent for frequent and heavy loading.

Aesthetics - The visual impact of paving stones adds character and charm to any installation. With interlocking    pavers, color, shape and texture can be incorporated to complement any project design.

Freeze-thaw resistance - Frost damage is virtually nonexistent. The joints between the paver units absorb any movement caused by frost.
Below ground access - Pavers can be removed and reinstalled without any visual or functional changes. This is ideal for utility access below ground.

Skid resistance - The surface texture of pavers gives superior traction in pedestrian, automotive and pool applications.

Economics - Paving stones offer an economical alternative to other types of pavement especially over the long term. When maintenance and replacement costs are considered, other forms of paving are usually more expensive.

Environmentally Friendly – Many manufacturers have introduced paver designs equipped with special spacer bars to create a permeable paving solution which when combined with recommended jointing and base materials allows for the rapid penetration of rainwater into the sub-base and subsoil.

Reusable - If the pavers must be removed in order to correct a pavement problem, or to allow utility installation or repair, the pavers are completely reusable (this is helpful to the environment as well!)

Maintenance - With proper installation, pavers require low maintenance.

Accessories - Accessory products for pavers, such as lights, are available to transform outdoor spaces into more functional areas.

Modularity - Paving stones can be installed in a variety of patterns, including curves, straight lines and intricate designs, and add vitality to almost any environment. The combination of compatible shapes, sizes and colors gives the impression of multiple layers and depth with unique surface textures.

Ready to use - They may be used immediately upon completion of installation.

Since 1972, for over 40 years, Schut’s Brick, Stone & Landscape has been serving contractors and helping homeowners like you create lasting impressions by turning your home building and landscaping dreams into reality. Their extensive outdoor showroom at 423 Mount Pleasant Road features many pavers and retaining wall solutions by Unilock. With over 2000 square feet of colour and design ideas for your outdoor world not only will you view the latest products and designs but you’ll be able to speak with knowledgeable staff who can guide you through the product selection process with both you and your contractor from concept to completion.

Visit or drop in to pick up your Free 2012 Unilock selection guide designed to connect you to the many possibilities of your newly reclaimed outdoor space!

Unilock® paving systems offer a great variety of advantages over many other types of surfacing alternatives and can be viewed exclusively in the Brantford area at Schut’s Brick, Stone & Landscape. Build it – Let us help you!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Home Improvement - Spring 2012

Imagine the Possibilities …. Come Home to Your New Outdoor Living Room!

The space outside your home is a special space. It’s where you share moments with the people you love. It’s where you create lasting memories and impressions with family and friends and where neighbours come together. The perfect outdoor space isn’t just designed to look beautiful; the perfect outdoor space can be functional and elegant as well. There are many products that can help you to achieve your style and design goals while matching the needs of your budget and lifestyle.

Imagine coming home to a beautifully appointed driveway and front walkway that welcomes you each and every evening. Or enjoy that early morning coffee in your own front courtyard surrounded by cozy seat walls and gardens. Just imagine entertaining a large party of friends and family on your newly created outdoor kitchen and dining area. Experience the joy of preparing your favourite foods on a built-in grill and relax by the stand-up island while your guests enjoy the warm glow from your new outdoor fireplace. This can all be made possible through some of the ideas below:

Room to Grow

Entertain larger groups? Seat walls help to provide additional seating which add flexibility to any living space and can make great partitions for privacy as well. Consider designing adjoining “rooms” such as an eating area, a lounging or relaxing area for quiet conversations and an entertaining area much like your home is divided inside.

Outdoor Living Elements

Cook and grill outdoors on an attractive and functional grill. Utilize complementary banding and borders of Unilock Select products on horizontal and vertical surfaces to tie elements and colours of each feature of the project together.


Design the ultimate welcome mat to your home and make a bold statement with deep colours held timeless and true through the process of EnduraColorPlus. Your installation professional can provide suggestions for banding and borders that create a cohesive look leading to your own personal oasis at the end of each day.


Consider a flared front walkway that invites guests to your front door. Encourage the use of your front yard by building a small courtyard surrounded with seat walls and pillars with lanterns or lighting elements to highlight this area and create an evening wonderland that can be enjoyed beyond daytime boundaries.

Pool Decks

Lighter coloured pavers with non-slip surfaces ensure safety and comfort for you and your guests. Often these pavers are cooler to walk on than many types of natural stone and will enhance your enjoyment on those hot summer afternoons by the pool with family and friends.

Build it – Let us help you!

Since 1972, for over 40 years Schut’s Brick, Stone & Landscape has been helping homeowners like you create lasting impressions by turning your home building and landscaping dreams into reality to be enjoyed for many years. We invite you to visit our extensive outdoor showroom at 423 Mount Pleasant Road featuring pavers and retaining wall solutions by Unilock. With over 2000 square feet of colour and design ideas for your outdoor world not only will you be able to view the latest products and designs but you’ll be able to speak with our knowledgeable staff who can guide you through the product selection process with both you and your contractor. Visit us at or drop in to pick up your Free 2012 Unilock selection guide designed to connect you to the many possibilities of your newly reclaimed outdoor space!
"When Details Matter....Trust the Local Experts!"