Monday, April 16, 2012

Why Pavers? Functional Beauty and Practical Elegance. And Green too!

Interlocking concrete pavements are generally composed of a surface consisting of precast modular concrete units of varying shapes, colors and textures. These are placed over a graded sand and gravel base and interlocked with bedding and joint sand, which can be constructed over a variety of sub-bases. Because they work as a flexible pavement, they can flex with minor movements in the base without cracking, making them an ideal pavement for North America's climate. These attributes give them several distinct advantages over other possible surfacing solutions.

The unique aspect of concrete pavers is that they interlock to help spread any load points. There are three ways pavers interlock: Vertical, Horizontal, and Rotational. (Figure 1) Vertical interlock is achieved by the shear transfer of loads
to surrounding units through the sand in the joints. Horizontal is maintained by the pavers being of sufficient thickness, placed closely together, and restrained by a curb from lateral forces. Rotational interlock is achieved through the use of laying patterns that disperse forces from braking, turning and accelerating vehicles

Concrete paving stones offer a great variety of the following advantages over other types of surfacing products:

Durability - The combination of high density, high compressive strength and low absorption rate makes concrete paving stones highly resistant to salt scaling, a common problem with some types of concrete. This also makes paving stones excellent for frequent and heavy loading.

Aesthetics - The visual impact of paving stones adds character and charm to any installation. With interlocking    pavers, color, shape and texture can be incorporated to complement any project design.

Freeze-thaw resistance - Frost damage is virtually nonexistent. The joints between the paver units absorb any movement caused by frost.
Below ground access - Pavers can be removed and reinstalled without any visual or functional changes. This is ideal for utility access below ground.

Skid resistance - The surface texture of pavers gives superior traction in pedestrian, automotive and pool applications.

Economics - Paving stones offer an economical alternative to other types of pavement especially over the long term. When maintenance and replacement costs are considered, other forms of paving are usually more expensive.

Environmentally Friendly – Many manufacturers have introduced paver designs equipped with special spacer bars to create a permeable paving solution which when combined with recommended jointing and base materials allows for the rapid penetration of rainwater into the sub-base and subsoil.

Reusable - If the pavers must be removed in order to correct a pavement problem, or to allow utility installation or repair, the pavers are completely reusable (this is helpful to the environment as well!)

Maintenance - With proper installation, pavers require low maintenance.

Accessories - Accessory products for pavers, such as lights, are available to transform outdoor spaces into more functional areas.

Modularity - Paving stones can be installed in a variety of patterns, including curves, straight lines and intricate designs, and add vitality to almost any environment. The combination of compatible shapes, sizes and colors gives the impression of multiple layers and depth with unique surface textures.

Ready to use - They may be used immediately upon completion of installation.

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