Friday, April 29, 2011

Going Green with Eco Friendly Permeable Paving Solutions

A growing trend in today’s residential and commercial landscaping environments are permeable paving solutions comprised of a layer of pavers separated by joints that are filled with small stones, and an “open-graded” base, such as crushed stone layers that do not contain small or fine particles. The void spaces between these layers of stone allow water to enter between the pavers, down among the crushed stone base, and infiltrate it back into the soil subgrade. The system provides 100% surface permeability and the base filters stormwater and reduces pollutants.

In general permeable pavements are good for the environment. They visually define vehicular and pedestrian traffic areas, reduce micro-climate temperatures and enhance tree growth. A wide variety of patterns, shapes and colors define areas and tie them in with the surrounding structures and landscape. The pavements are designed to improve the health, safety, and well-being of both people and nature. (Source: ICPI, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute)

Recently, Oaks has developed an ecological paver with a classical look (Enviro Pave) which is kind to the environment. It is designed to compliment any area that you would consider installing standard pavers but it demonstrates many of the attributes and benefits as discussed above. Concrete grid units (Turf Slab) are environmentally friendly and offer erosion control, while the open surfaces can often promote vegetation growth. This in turn allows our pavers to blend in with the environment.
These products are a favorite of designers for stabilizing soil and turf areas which are susceptible to erosion or traffic, whether it is pedestrian or vehicular. Enviro Pavers are excellent for stormwater management and assist in the recharge of groundwater.
For more information regarding making environmental friendly choices in landscaping or to learn more about Oaks product offerings please ask for Sheila or Brad at Schut’s Brick & Stone, 423 Mount Pleasant Road in Brantford or call 519-752-1512 or visit

A classic look in an ecological paver that is kind to the environment.

A designer's favorite for stabilizing soil and turf areas susceptible to erosion or traffic.

The ultimate erosion protection system with it’s unique dove-tail locking system.

  • suitable for vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • Two dove-tail locking tabs allow for a 25 degree angle for sloped installation
  • A system that provides the best solution for lakeside and streambank stabilization, retention ponds, and stormwater spillway
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